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If you were to spend a day with me, and my very best girl friend, you will notice instantly we are strong women who come from good stock and who understands their self value and self worth and don't depend on others for their approval.

Also, you will notice one thing pretty quickly: We talk about everything under the sun. In fact we get so engrossed in our conversation we don't shut up. Lol! Get me started on what it takes to establish a healthy meaningful relationship and you're in for a deep conversation.

After years of observing single women, married women and their drama fill relationships; I would sit back and often say to myself; why is she allowing herself to be so unhappy?

Maybe because I know firsthand that "Love Feels Good" that I just want to share it with women all around the world. It's all about "total happiness" and not compromising your authentic self just to fit in or be accepted.

Helping women understand how men think and what real men want is what I do. You'll find my personal takes on everything from priceless relationship advice, customized matchmaking, dating in the 21st century; along with up to date information on all my current projects and upcoming events.

With that being said, welcome to Natalieclarice.net your very own relationship strategist, matchmaker and love coach. This site is dedicated and designed for professional women who desire to fall in love. I wanted to create a place where women from every corner of the earth could get the information they need as they try to establish or maintain a healthy meaningful relationship with their male partner.

I am so excited and I hope you are too.

Love always,
Natalie Clarice
"The Titan of Love"

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Relationship Strategist/Matchmaker
Natalie Clarice. How To Get Your Man To Propose!


Natalie Clarice makes a guest appearance. Helps Hard to Please Women Find Love.
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