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Natalie Clarice, aka "The Titan of Love" is the premier relationship strategist, reality star, and the CEO/Founder of Heart & Soul International Love Agency, a division of Natalie Clarice Enterprises.

Since its launch in 2009, Natalie Clarice's- Heart & Soul International Love Agency, has become the premier source for assisting professional, upwardly mobile women, find true love; connect with healthy-meaningful companionship; fine-tune their dating & relationship management skills; and achieve unwavering self love and self respect. Specifically, Natalie Clarice's- Heart & Soul International Love Agency, provides women with a plethora of (unmatched) marquee services, which includes customized:

  • Love/ Compatible- Companionship Matchmaking
  • Date Coaching
  • Relationship Management Coaching
  • Premarital Coaching
  • Self-Love, Personal Development Coaching
  • Image Enhancement & Development Coaching

Much of Natalie Clarice's agency's success stems from her authentic wisdom, experiential and knowledge-based coaching style, which is supported by her life experiences, educational background and early career as a middle school teacher.  These diverse opportunities and unchartered circumstances,  boldly exposed Natalie Clarice's  genuine gift and passion for helping women successfully navigate through the complexities and nuances of the dating-relationship-marriage-love process. Consequently, this passion fueled Natalie Clarice's entrepreneurial spirit- which led to the launch and creation of Heart & Soul International Love Agency. As the head of her very own Relationship, Matchmaking, Love agency- Natalie Clarice is deeply immersed in her true calling and life's purpose; In Natalie Clarice's own words and as she has stated many times, "this is what I was born to do."

Natalie Clarice's BIG personality is (both) alluring and intoxicating and often-times, is the glue that enables Natalie Clarice to have a strong connection and bond with her diverse clientele. Hence, Natalie Clarice takes her role as a (global) premier Relationship Strategist very seriously and (also) considers herself to be a love educator- aiming to help women understand how real men think and what real men want.

Natalie Clarice's motto is "Love Feels Good," and she strives to help women achieve self love as the pathway to realizing, actualizing and fulfilling their romantic companionship goals and aspirations.

Natalie Clarice enjoys working, meeting people, traveling and fine-dinning. She resides in sunny South Florida with her husband and two children.

"Love Feels Good"


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