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Natalie's Dating Laws

Ladies you are queens. Look your best at all times. It's possible you could meet Mr. Right anywhere- anytime.

On the (first) 3 dates- Never reveal personal information about yourself and never ask personal information about your dating companion. Keep your conversation fun and non-threatening.

Keep the first few dates brief and enjoyable- but fun, engaging and interesting. A intimate dinner date, at a nice restaurant should always be included in the first few dates. This setting helps with the getting to know you process- the backdrop for great conversation.Two or Three hours is a good time-span for the first few dates.

Ladies stay healthy and in shape. Therefore, include some form of physical fitness into your daily lifestyle regimen. Men are attracted to women who value their physical health and overall appearance.

The man pays for the dates. No Exception! If he doesn't- then ladies don't waste a second of your time! You must set your standards at the very beginning of the courtship.

Ladies express that you like to be remembered and acknowledged on special days/ occasions- such as birthdays, Valentines Day and holidays. Again, you must set your standards and expectations at the beginning of the courtship.

Ladies, Never-EVER engage in sexual intercourse with a guy, until you Know for sure that he has fallen for you. Once he has truly fallen for you, it won't be so easy for him to leave you, after he's gotten the goods. Remember-actions speak louder than words and there are (key) signals and signs that you should look for in his actions, that will reveal, if he has truly fallen for you.

Ladies engaging in Sex with your male companion early in the dating courtship, says one thing about you to the man- "that you are loose and that you have no self control." Consequently, he won't take you seriously and eventually you will see him disappear in thin air. Men like to earn the goodies! But, if you do make it to the marriage alter with him- after given up the goods early in the relationship- it's sheer LUCK!

Ladies, don't always be anxiously awaiting for his phone calls and (thus) answering on the first ring. Sometimes it's ok for him to leave a voice-message before you respond back to his telephone call. You should appear like you have a life, even if you don't!

Ladies spending quality time, with your special girlfriends is sacred and needed! During these girl-bonding occasions, please do not invite your male companion.

Ladies,tongue kissing is totally inappropriate on the first (3) dates. Remember, you just met him. A peck on the cheek and a hug is good enough.

Ladies, never ever talk about past boyfriends and/or relationships. Leave the past in the past.

If a man shows the slightest signs of over-the-top, possessive control towards you and insecurity- RUN like forest gump and never look back. This personality trait is VERY serious and can potentially be life threatening.

Ladies, if his hygiene is not up-to-par, evaluate the situation and decide if you are willing to hang in there and help him in this area, because you feel his other qualities outweigh this particular flaw. Just remember, fist impressions are important and says a lot about a person and can reveal other hidden attributes as well.

Ladies, never talk about your father and how your companion must measure up to your father. Boring...... he's not your father!

Ladies, never ever come across as too desperate and/or needy. He will use this to his advantage or he will run away FAST. Remember he is the one doing the chasing. Just chill!

Ladies, if you want to have a child, don't mention this on the first (5) dates. Your biological clock, is your issue not his issue. It's a complete turn off.

Ladies always keep your teeth pretty and white and your breath clean and fresh. Stained teeth and bad breath is an absolute turn-off. Also, bad body odor/ bad hygiene is a complete turn-off. He won't stick around for very long.

Ladies, be sure that you are well abreast on current news topics affecting the world we live in and express an acceptable level of intelligence. Men do not like air-heads (nothing meaningful between the two ears). Real men play with air-heads, but never marry them.

Ladies, never-ever financially take care of a man. Inwardly, men resent this hand-out and at some stage of the relationship, he will jump ship, cheat or completely shut down on you. Remember, men like to be men and (thus) they want you (ladies) to help them man-up and be better men!

Ladies, have standards and be selective in your search for a healthy (solid) companionship. DO NOT SETTLE. Eventually you will regret it.

"Love Feels Good"


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