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Natalie Clarice
Marquee LOVE Services
Helping Women Understand How REAL Men Think and What REAL Men Want

LOVE services provided by Natalie Clarice, includes customized, confidential- Compatible Companionship Matchmaking, Date Coaching, Relationship Management Coaching, Premarital Coaching, Self Love/ Personal Development Coaching and Image Enhancement Coaching.

Customized Compatible, Companionship Matchmaking
Is designed to provide clients with a confidential- private place to explore their companionship/ dating options; talk candidly-openly about their past dating/ relationship experiences; and privately engage in LOVE consulting/ coaching that can help them succeed at finding true love.

Date Coaching
Is designed to teach/ help clients, fully understand the intricate complexities, of exercising healthy/ successful dating habits and (thus) learn the foundational intelligence, about the dating process that will lead to establishing a healthy-successful relationship.

Relationship Management Coaching & Marriage Coaching
Is designed to teach/ help women and couples, fully understand and master the 5 stages/ phases of love that must be experienced in a relationship or marriage partnership, for the couple to accomplish the end result, of having a happy-healthy-successful relationship and/ or marriage partnership.

Premarital Coaching
Is designed to provide happily engaged couples, with customized coaching and resources, to build and explore the couples strengths, weaknesses, challenges, values, goals and objectives- in an effort to successfully transition the (soon to be) bride & groom from a ME mindset, to a WE (selfless) committed mindset.

Self Love/ Personal Development Coaching
Is designed to help clients (seriously) rediscover, rebuild, and fine-tune their self value, self awareness, self confidence and self love. Hence, this coaching program is designed for clients, whose self love, self awareness and self confidence has been significantly weakened, due to an emotionally unhealthy relationship, friendship, work experience or life setback.

Image Enhancement & Development Coaching
Is designed to help clients, understand that first impressions are last impressions and people will judge you (first) on your looks and your overall appearance.  Therefore, this coaching program is designed to help clients enhance their authentic style, physical appearance and overall public image, in an effort to be more engaging, appealing and attractive to the opposite sex, as well as to be taken seriously by the opposite sex.

"Love Feels Good"


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